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We have years of experience helping people plan their weddings. We rely on that knowledge when planning your big day, too. Whether you want to have a wedding unique from all the people in your family or prefer a very quiet, low-key gathering, I will take your ideas into account and let you know how to best bring them to life..

-Corporate Events-

Our professional event coordinator will be your dedicated event planner. From a catered formal sit-down dinner to a casual and relaxed hangout, we have the expertise to organize any type of event. We will work within your company budget to create a perfect holiday party.

-Baby Showers-

Baby showers are excellent ways to pamper expectant mothers and help them get ready for parenting while spending time with friends and family members. If you’re taking on baby shower planning responsibilities for a celebration, let us help.

-Sweet Fifteen/Sixteen-

Your 15th/16th birthday is an event to remember. Give your birthday party a professional touch. We’ll help you pull together all the details for a sweet fifteen/sixteen party that your friends and family will be talking about for months. Let us help you plan the party of your dreams.

-Custom Events-

Engagement Party Planning

Imagine the delight on a loved one’s face if you plan a major party to request his or her hand in m​arriage. It takes ample w​ork to pull off a surprise that substantial

Anniversary Party Planner

 Is an ideal way to mark a milestone. It also lets friends and family members share in the celebration.

Birthday Party Planning

With so many party options and ideas available, We throw the best bash! Find out what kind of parties we plan and how we can help with your upcoming birthday.

-Bat/Bar Mitzvahs-

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are important events in the Jewish faith. They symbolize when young girls and boys, respectively, make important transitions into adulthood. If you’re preparing to celebrate a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, we can help with all the planning.


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