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Gilbert's Safary 50th's Birthday

Octavio's Cuban 80th's Birthday

Custom Events

Engagement Party Planning

Let Us Orchestrate a Surprise Engagement Party

Imagine the delight on a loved one’s face if you plan a major party to request his or her hand in marriage. It takes ample work to pull off a surprise that substantial, but we have measurable experience in helping clients thrill the people they care about with such events. Just ask us about some methods we’ve used before and we’ll help you put your own spin on them. A particular venue, a significant song, or notable phrase might all be used to set the stage for an unforgettable proposal. 

Build a Tentative Schedule

Worried your party might run too long or be shorter than expected? Those time-based concerns are common. However, we can put your mind at ease. We’ll help you build a loose schedule of the party’s main events. You might start by serving signature cocktails. Next, have time set aside for opening engagement party gifts. After that, run a slideshow highlighting notable events within your relationship. Finally, cap off the night with delectable engagement party cakes.

Anniversary Party Planner

An anniversary party is an ideal way to mark a milestone. It also lets friends and family members share in the celebration. When people think of anniversaries, marriages often come to mind. Although those kinds of anniversaries are perhaps the most well-known, there are other types of anniversaries you might plan. Think about notable times in your life. You’ll likely draw ideas for anniversary parties from those memories.

Customize Your Anniversary Ideas

One of the major benefits of hiring a planner to handle your planning needs is that you can exercise a great deal of creative freedom so your celebration is certainly not ordinary. The soundtrack for the event, the types of food served, and the decorations chosen are all things that make the party unique to you. 

Relax and Enjoy the Festivities

There’s no need to stress about whether you’ve properly prepared for everything associated with your big day. Experienced individuals from Elizabeth Sofia Creations know how to manage anniversaries of all sizes. Whether you’re inviting 10 people or 1,000, we’ll look after everything. Then, you can simply trust in our knowledge and truly relax. With us on your side, you’ll feel well-equipped and know everything will likely run smoothly.

Birthday Party Planning

Planning a birthday party? With so many party options and ideas available, use Elizabeth Sofia Creations’s experienced party planners to throw the best bash! Find out what kind of parties we plan and how we can help with your upcoming birthday.

Party Decorations

One of the essential elements of party supplies is party decorations. If you’ve got decor in mind, we can help you develop it into a full-blown showcase. No idea where to start? No problem. We know what’ll make kids happy, what’s best for an octogenarian’s party, and everything in between. From balloons to centerpieces, you’ll be inspired.

Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties are a fantastic way for adults and kids alike to have fun. Base your bash on a favorite movie, a decade dance party, or a well-known travel destination. Want to add costumes or favors to the mix? No problem. We can connect you with vendors to supply the perfect food, too.

Birthday Party Places

We can suggest the perfect venue or help you choose from a list of our favorites. If you’re planning an adult birthday, don’t be too quick to write off locations kids like. Some of the best birthdays for all ages involve laser tag or disc golf.

Octavio's Cuban 80th's Birthday

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